Bishops and Bishoprics (Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia, 4th-13th c.) – International workshop – 1 & 2 July 2019

Bishops and Bishoprics (Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia, 4th-13th c.)

Religious Authorities, Episcopal Seats and Interactions in Local and Regional Perspectives

Organised by Marie-Laure Derat, Robin Seignobos et Alexandros Tsakos

1-2 July 2019 (9h30-17h30) – INHA – 2 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris – salle Vasari

Programme of the workshop here.

The kingdoms of Nubia and Ethiopia were under the authority of the anti-chalcedonian Patriarchate of Alexandria, in a variety of configurations and with changes over time. A community of persons, sharing the same ecclesiastical and social status, unites Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia. Between these three regions, members of the clergy and their followers or embassies circulate to weigh in on appointments or consecrations. Number and distribution of bishops and bishoprics in these three regions may have varied over time. Their respective history is unevenly documented. By inviting researchers from different fields and disciplines to a workshop on the question of bishops and bishoprics in Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia, the aim is to open a dialogue between these areas of study. This workshop wishes to benefit from the current dynamism of the research on the Patriarchate of Alexandria. This is also a good momentum to explore new perspectives offered by the recent focus on documents composed in Arabic and preserved in Egypt, as well as for the nascent field of Arabic studies in the kingdoms of Nubia and Ethiopia. Special focus should be given to the ongoing archaeological works in Nubia and Ethiopia uncovering episcopal sees and painting a clearer picture of their ecclesiastical polities. Finally, the rich epigraphic and documentary evidence from Christian Nubia may throw light to the wider region.


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