Studies in Ethiopian Languages, Literature, and History

Festschrift for Getatchew Haile

Edited by Adam Carter Mc Collum, Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2017, 619 p. (Äthiopistische Forschungen n°83)

Recueil de 26 articles sur l’histoire, la littérature, les langues éthiopiennes de la fin de l’Antiquité à nos jours, en l’honneur de Getatchew Haile, conservateur émérite à la Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Collegeville.



Table des matières

History and Culture

– Traditional Ethiopian Legal Culture: Amharic Proverbs and Maxims on Law and Justice (JON ABBINK)

– The Life Histories of Four Ethiopian Farmers (DONALD CRUMMEY)

– The West Portal Ceiling Paintings in the Zagwe Church of Yǝmrǝḥannä Krǝstos (MICHAEL GERVERS)


– Arab–Ethiopian Relations in the Aksumite Period: The Role of Simeon, Bishop of Bēth-Arshām (IRFAN SHAHÎD)

– Multiple Sources for Ethiopian History and Methodology: A Historiographical Approach (IRMA TADDIA)

– Pseudo-Science and the Politics of Change in Dertogada and Ramatohara (TAYE ASSEFA)


Texts and Manuscripts

– Biography as a Self-Narrative—the Case of al-Sakhāwī (d. AH 902/1497 EC) (RENATE JACOBI)

– The ‘Golden Gospel’ of Agwäza and its Historical Documents (EWA BALICKA-WITAKOWSKA)

-The Ethiopic Book of Clement: The Case of a Recent Ethiopian Edition and a Few Additional Remarks (ALESSANDRO BAUSI)

– Homélie d’Anastase le Sinaïte sur le Psaume 6 (ms. éthiopien d’Abbadie 134, de la BnF) (ROBER TBEYLOT)

– The Question-and-Answer Part of Ibn aṭ -Ṭayyib’s The Paradise of Christianity: An Ethiopic Translation (MS EMML no. 1839) (AARON MICHAEL BUTTS)

– ’Ǝqäbänni: An English Translation of New York Public Library Spencer Collection Ms. 4 (MONICA S. DEVENS)

– The Library and Old Testament Manuscripts of Gundä Gunde (TED ERHO)

– The Sänbät-Sunday in Gǝ‘ǝz Liturgical Texts: A Comparative Perspective (HABTEMICHAEL-KIDANE)

– Rǝstä Amba zä-Ǝsra‘el: Ein Dokument über Erbbesitz des äthiopischen Königshauses (Ǝsra‘el) auf und um Amba-Säl aus dem 16. Jahrhundert (MANFRED KROPP)

– A 364-Day Calendar Encapsulated in the Liturgy of the Seventh Sabbath of the Betä Ǝsra‘el of Ethiopia (BASIL LOURIÉ)

– A New Gǝ‘ǝz Text on Adam and the Judgement of the Angels (Gundä Gunde 177) – (ADAM CARTER MCCOLLUM)

– A Brief History of the Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library (EMML) (COLUMBA STEWART)

– Witnesses to the Ethiopic I Recension of Mäṣḥafä Henok from Gundä Gunde: A Comparison (LOREN T. STUCKENBRUCK)

– Abba Lǝbsä Krǝstos of Gonǧ – Ṣǝlalo: Sources for Discussing Religious Identities in Goǧǧam (Early Seventeenth Century, Ethiopia) (ANAÏS WION)

– Cain, Abel and Their Sisters in Ethiopian Tradition (WITOLD WITAKOWSKI)



– Old Amharic Object Suffixes and the Formation of the (GIDEON GOLDENBERG)

– Some Agaw Non-loanwords in Ethiopian Semitic (GROVER HUDSON)

– Syntax and the History of the Semitic Languages of Ethiopia (OLGA KAPELIUK)

– Die Perfektkonjugation im Tigre (RAINER VOIGT)


– A Selected Bibliography of the Publications of Getatchew Haile (ALESSANDRO BAUSI and THOMAS RAVE)

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